Because the path to being a good human is imperfect. And so are we.

We are drowning in images demanding our most ideal selves — ideal weight, fashion sense, parenting style, work ethic, eco-lifestyle and even love. Many of us will never obtain the images we believe to be ideal because they’re unrealistic from the start. But, most likely, those images are the wrong goals.

We may always be seduced by the $5 t-shirt from the mall, order beer and nachos right after yoga, and only attempt those self-help tips we get from Deepak Chopra for a month before we’re back at our old ways. Maybe only 20 percent of our closet will ever be sweatshop-free and we can only go 70 percent vegetarian. But maybe it’s also time to lower expectations on being our most extreme ethical selves and simply be happy with tipping the balances towards good, even after our failed attempts.  

Here, we’ll explore the eco, social, ethical, spiritual, conscious paths that might lead to being good (and what that even means) — while acknowledging, and embracing, the struggle to get there. We all must confront (and somehow be okay with) these paradoxes. Nature turns out to be a great friend during the journey.


Every conscious effort made counts. We promote taking care of the Earth and our wellbeing while embracing the contradictions in being a good human.

Meet the Editors

Chelsey Killebrew has bachelor degrees in Journalism and Conservation Biology. She has written for numerous publications in Arizona, including cover stories for the second-highest circulated newspaper in the state and climate change websites. She loves snowboarding, the great outdoors, call to action documentaries, Michael Kors’ hilarious Project Runway metaphors, occasional showers and experimenting with 35mm photography. She has created projects to help ski resorts go green(ish) and spent her career in companies focused on pursuing a positive impact in the world through arts and film.

Jess Wilson has a BA in Sociology, a background in creative writing and a passion for film. She is fueled by exploration and has spent the better part of her life collecting experiences, traveling, adventuring and wandering around forests. She is a lover of music, torrential downpours, rugged coastline, impractical dresses and stilettos. She is most at home in mossy, old-growth forests surrounded by big trees and wild animals.