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Saving ancient trees: The laidback guide and starter kit begins

Idealish began in an attempt to support being a better human while addressing the environmental and social mazes of our time, all with an understanding that nobody’s perfect at being perfect. It’s an ever-long process.

While our passion for nonchalantly pursuing the ethical side of life brought us together, it’s the trees that spoke to us. And somehow we listened.

Now, we’re focusing Idealish on protecting the last standing giants.

In October 2019, we wandered upon the dirt roads of Vancouver Island. In search of the last 5 percent of ancient trees of the Pacific Northwest, we discovered many endangered forests remain unprotected.

We were staring at iconic symbols of Earth, perhaps like one would marvel at one of the last great tuskers of the African elephants. Just like the fate of ivory headed for unfortunate trinkets, these types of trees end up in toilet paper and other common products. Both practically extinct and still being killed.

Once we began looking for solutions, we discovered most people don’t realize this is happening. So we wanted to help and inspire others too.

Saving old-growth forests

The real story began centuries ago when the term “ancient forests” wasn’t even needed. It was just forests—untouched and rich in biodiversity. Today, more than half have been lost to logging around the world. And demand is rising.

Vancouver Island is a microcosm for what’s happening in primitive ecosystems, so here’s a graphical look at the problem.

Source: Ancient Forest Alliance

What began as forest in dark green is now logged, taking 40 generations to come back, if it ever does since logging practices usually strip biodiversity forever.

These 1,000-year-old trees, the last habitat for endangered species and helpful climate change stoppers, have become things like paper towels and cups. And yet, plenty of replacements exist.

But when switching to sustainable products, we want to know they’re just as effective as our current loved ones, comparable in cost and truly protect virgin forests. Knowing where to find the best alternatives is challenging in the sea of options, especially when some companies are greenwashing their products.

So we did the research—on how to help stop these old giants from disappearing through some pretty simple switches. We’ve curated products by personally testing them and now are working to put them all in one place—a forest-friendly marketplace and storytelling website, connecting each purchase to true impact.

It’s the ultimate laidback tree-saving guide: a forest-friendly starter kit for home, ethical product and company reviews, do-it-yoself tips, research and adventures, all to help protect and explore old-growth forests.

Sometimes we just need to find the way to truth. This guide creates a path—through exploring the last ancient trees and showing how to protect them in our daily lifestyle.

This is just the beginning for us, and we hope you join us on this journey to saving some of the most essential yet endangered places on Earth.

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” – Gandhi

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