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“Sea Plastic Differently.” – Norton Point’s Motto

Norton Point is a rockstar, eco-friendly company that transforms ocean plastic into stylish, high-end, sustainable sunglasses. Before we go into how cool this company is, allow us to begin this Norton Point sunglasses review by saying they make a killer product.

With four different styles to chose from, you can select the ideal frame for your face. As an added perk, each style allows you to choose between black or blue lenses. (I highly recommend the blue lenses because the color is fun and they look incredibly rad!) All of the lenses have 100% UV 400 protection and CR39 Polarized material (which means it’s half the weight of glass). Although this material is supposedly extremely scratch-resistant, I recommend storing them in a hardcover case. I took the scratch-resistance test to another level by letting them roll around the bottom of my purse and found a surefire way to scratch them up quite a bit. The price point ranges from $89-$129, but with their pledge to remove one pound of plastic from the ocean for every pair of sunglasses purchased, it’s an ethical purchase you can feel good making.

I am always skeptical of buying sunglasses online, mainly because I have a narrow face and most fashionable sunglasses make me feel like I’m a kid playing dress-up in Jackie O’s closet. These sunglasses, however, are perfect. I chose The Whitecap ll (because I have a thing for white sunglasses) with blue lenses, and initially they fit my face just right. I was a bit nervous because I had read other reviews where people mentioned this particular model slid off their face too easily, but initially, I did not encounter this issue. However, over a few months of daily wear, they have stretched more than I had hoped, and they may require more tightening over time than most glasses. I have also noticed that they do not stay put if I slide them up to rest on my head. As much as I would like to chalk it up to my hair being too soft and silky to hold them in place, it is possible that they may lack a particular type of grip along the temples. Either way, it’s far from a deal-breaker for me. I slide them onto the neckline of my blouse or a shirt pocket if I need to run indoors. Overall they are sporty, chic, and in my opinion, Ray Bans have nothing on these beauties.

Another reason we love this company is that they reinvest 5% of their profits into global clean up efforts. Based out of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, Norton Point has recognized the severe threats the plastic epidemic has on our oceans and has chosen to create a company based on a process to reduce, reuse and reinvest. One of their many partners is Plastic Bank, which provides a living wage to poverty-stricken areas for the collection of ocean plastic.

Currently, Norton Point has a presence in Haiti, but they are committed to expanding their global reach and aiming to reach five countries in Asia from which nearly 60% of ocean plastics originate. Let’s help them get there. Remember each pair of sunglasses = one pound of ocean plastic removed!

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