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Yeti Rambler 10 OZ. Lowball

It seems crazy to write an entire review about a small but mighty, tree-saving cup. But if you owned the YETI Rambler 10 oz. Lowball, you’d get it. Here’s why I’m writing this Yeti Rambler review. 

The Problem with Paper Cups…

Each year, 10 to 20 million trees (yes, million) fall to make paper cups, according to the Boston Globe and ReThink Disposables. Most of those cups are “coated with a fossil fuel-derived plastic called polyethylene.”

This plastic lining makes paper cups tricky to recycle. Meaning, only a small percent of facilities in North America take them. Most of us throw cups in the blue bin, thinking they’ll end up recycled, and feel only half bad about forgetting to bring a reusable one to the coffee shop… for the hundredth day in a row. 

Progress is slow…

However, only three paper recycling mills in the U.S. process plastic-coated paper. More than 50 billion paper cups end up in the landfill each year. 

Although waste management solutions are progressing, creating cups and then recycling them uses a considerable amount of resources (including depleting forests and water reserves) and leaks toxins into our environment and bodies. Plus, disposables don’t hold heat and cold the way innovative insulation does, and they emit toxic particles into drinks.

With 120 billion cups being used by Americans annually, including plastic and styrofoam, we all have an opportunity to make a simple switch for the planet. 

Photo credit: ReThink Disposable

Born a ramblin’ (wo)man – Yeti Rambler Review

In 2018, I went to the screening of Far Out, a “quest to seek out undiscovered realms and inspire new waves of creativity, enlightenment and progression.” Watching ski and snowboard movies in the theater each winter is a ritual for me. This time, it wasn’t just about the film. The event included perks like Mount Bachelor and The Summit at Snoqualmie lift tickets, free booze, appearances from the film’s athletes and my first (custom) YETI item—holding the first shot of a free High West Distillery whiskey flight. 

Side note: These WhiSKI special screening series are a ton of fun. Teton Gravity Research creates some of the best ski and snowboard movies each year. The giveaways, high-quality films and stoked audiences make the $75 ticket well worth it. 

So the cup can hold its own whiskey. Although 10 ounces may seem small, I agree with most of the reviews on the product page claiming it’s the “perfect size.” It’s ideal for waterfront cocktails, campfire soups, pre-hike oatmeal and on-the-go lattes. Also excellent—not needing a plastic straw for cold drinks. 

One review mentioned this cup is all style and no function. The style part is 100 percent true. This rambler, with 12 color options, has received more compliments from baristas than any other I’ve owned. Its popular design is versatile, durable and well-constructed.

However, with a wide, rounded shape, it doesn’t fit into small cup holders. It fits in most I’ve personally used, but measure your vehicle’s cup holders before you buy to avoid frustration. The lid on a standard order does not have a closing mechanism, but a YETI Rambler Magslider Lid can be ordered separately for an upgrade. And although the weight and design make spilling unlikely, the open mouth can impact temperature control. It’s double-walled vacuum insulation is still highly effective though. Not the cup to be thrown in a backpack, broth a-blazing and sipped along a cold outdoor adventure, it’s more like the base camp relaxer. 

Yeti Rambler Lowball – Stop Making Excuses and Get One

So. Carrying around the YETI Rambler 10 oz. Lowball is both eco-friendly chic and ruggedly cool. Perfect for the his-and-hers glamping shots outdoor enthusiasts dream of to cover their feeds 😉 It’s also stainless steel, easy to clean and dishwasher safe. 

But no matter the reusable cup you end up with, just get one and stop making excuses. As a Seattle coffee snob, I’ve had a lot of excuses: Baristas won’t pour the perfect ratio of vanilla, oat milk and espresso in a foreign cup. Paper cups are recycled so less harmful, right? It’s inconvenient to carry around a cup all day to only use in the morning. Lattes taste better in paper cups… All these unchecked realities don’t touch on the more meaningful truth—trees are disappearing to hold our morning (and afternoon) coffees. With such stylish solutions at our fingertips, grab that tree-saving cup by the double-walled insulation every morning and never drink plastic in your coffee again. 

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