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Who are you? And what makes you, you? It’s easy to lose ourselves in the chaos of our minds, obligations, and relationships. Sometimes we strive so hard for who we should be or want to be that our unique individualities get buried along the way. Guilt, anxiety, or sadness may often outweigh joy, gratitude, and happiness.

We are all on some type of soul journey. Connecting with our inner self can get us back on track to do the things that make us happy, be the person we are proud of and remind us to enjoy life.

Here we discuss alternative methods of healing for mind, body, and spirit. We might elaborate on the power of energy or whatever you want to call the universal life force that flows through every part of us, every emotion, every interaction we have, every coincidence, and every tragedy.

We aren’t experts; in fact, we are continually evolving and learning ways to practice gratitude and honor ourselves, the Earth, and nature. We might experiment with ancient traditions and new age rituals and share our journeys with you. Maybe at some point, if we are feeling extra controversial, we will cover our personal experiences with organized religion and how those shaped our more independent and self-seeking spiritual paths.

However, our primary goal of this section is to share the things that we have found useful in our journeys, regardless of how unconventional or bizarre. Because there’s not a lot of emphasis on soul health in our society and isn’t that the most important part of us?

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    Good human

    Being a good human — what does that even mean? The more we try, the more situationally ambiguous it can seem. We can find the bad in almost every action intended…